Menion Leah

Menion Leah was a close friend of Shea Ohmsford.


Lean whip-like frame that moved with the grace of a cat. Several inches taller than Shea and Flick Ohmsford, but was not a big man. Broad through the shoulders, his long arms gave him a rangy look. [1]

Lean brown face. Sharp grey eyes.

Had a brash, self-confidence that he was only moderately successful at hiding. An uncanny hunter’s instinct. Convinced that the old ways had proved unsuccessful with dealing with the problems of the races. A compelling sense of right and wrong.[2]


Carried a great ash bow and arrows. He also carried the Sword of Leah which had been given to him by his father when he reached manhood.[3]


The only son of the current ruler and so heir to the throne, but he pointedly ignored the responsibilities that came with that position.[2]

Spent his time travelling, hunting in the highland forests or finding ways of getting into trouble. Had expertise with the long bow and as a tracker.[5]