Sinnissippi Park


Appeared In:
Running with the Demon

Mentioned In:
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East

The Maentwrog was imprisoned in Sinnissippi Park.


The Maentwrog walked upright on two legs but hunched over and crook-backed. Huge shoulders. Tufts of coarse black hair dotted its scaly surface. It had a snake’s hooded yellow eyes and wicked tongue. Three toes and fingers on each foot and hand, ending in claws that seemed like a great cat’s. Face was long, narrow and featureless except where slits served as its eyes and mouth. Its head was a smooth sinuous extension of its corded neck. Ten feet high and weighed well over 500 pounds.1Running with the Demon – p 466

Multiple rows of sharpened teeth.


It was a berserker, a killing machine that lacked any other purpose of life.

The Maentwrog in the park had been imprisoned in a massive oak tree by Indian magic after it had become so destructive it could no longer be tolerated. It had threatened escape a number of times but the magic of the park’s warders, both Human and Sylvan, had been enough to keep it imprisoned.

Running with the Demon

Pick took Nest Freemark to the Maentwrog’s prison after seeing the damage to the tree. The trunk of the oak had been split in three places.

After escaping the oak tree, it was killed in a battle with John Ross.