Kinson Ravenlock

Kinson Ravenlock



Wife: Mareth
Son: Auren Ravenlock



Appeared In:
First King of Shannara

Kinson Ravenlock was a tracker in service to Bremen.


Tall, rangy and broad-shouldered. Big and strong. Long dark hair which he wore tied back. Sharp and steady brown eyes. Lean face, all planes and angles, but handsome in a rough kind of way.1First King of Shannara – p 4


He kept alive by his wits and experience: he saw things others did not know was there, he could read the movement of animals through tall grass, he could tell how far ahead they were and how fast they were travelling.


Raised in Callahorn, his family remained in the Borderlands after the majority of Humans migrated to the south.

By the time he met Bremen, Kinson had been a scout, tracker, explorer and adventurer for the better part of twenty years since he was fifteen years old. Was as comfortable with Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Trolls, as he was with Men – he understood their customs, had travelled their lands and spoke their languages. He was a student of history, which gave him something in common with Bremen by resulting in them sharing some common beliefs.

Six months prior to First King of Shannara he had agreed to meet Bremen directly north of Paranor where the forests gave way to the Streleheim Plains.2First King of Shannara – p 4

First King of Shannara

Three weeks after the agreed day, Bremen appeared while Kinson was waiting high on a hillside overlooking the Streleheim Plains.3First King of Shannara – p 3 They shared a meal and he began to tell Bremen what he had learnt in his absence.

Kinson advised thousands of Trolls were moving eastward and that as far as he could tell, they controlled everything from the Streleheim north. Bremen confirmed this was so. Kinson had also discovered the army leaders stayed closed away and the Trolls were afraid to even speak their names, despite the fact that nothing frightened the Rock Trolls. At night Kinson had seen winged black things flitting across the sky which Bremen confirmed were Skull Bearers bound to “him”.

Bremen then started to tell him what he had discovered. He confirmed the Warlock Lord was still alive, with Skull Bearers leading the enslaved Troll army. The Warlock Lord had possession of the Ildatch and had learnt of the Black Elfstone.