Josie Jackson

Josie Jackson



Son In Law
Two Grandchildren



Appeared In:
Running with the Demon
Angel Fire East

Mentioned In:
A Knight of the Word

Josie Jackson was the owner of Josie’s.


Looked younger than she was. Big dark eyes with a ready smile. Long blondish hair. A head-turning body.1Running with the Demon – p 40

Sun browned skin. Freckles.

At 48, she was still youthful and vivacious, with tousled blonde hair and an unforgettable smile. Appeared not to age.


Hard worker. A willingness to work that would put most people to shame.


Thirty something with a teenage daughter. Ex-husband left several years ago.

Attended First Congregational Church.

Had been a waitress for most of her adult life. Her parents owned a carpet and tile business, and lent her the money to open Josie’s. Her experience meant she knew what she was doing and in no time Josie’s was the favourite breakfast and lunch location in Hopewell. She ran the business with charm and efficiency and a live-and-let-live attitude that made everyone feel welcome.2Running with the Demon – pp 40-41

Lived in an aging two storey wood frame house, overlooking Rock River at the bottom of a dead-end street.

Angel Fire East

Met Nest Freemark as they approached the church and they walked in together as they were both scheduled to work in the nursery.3Angel Fire East – pp 23-25

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