Hadeshorn was the final resting place for Druids.1The Scions of Shannara – p 3


Its glassy surface reflected back a greenish cast.2The Scions of Shannara – p 2

Normally its waters were dull and lifeless lying within the polished black rock that littered the floor of the valley.


A lake found within the Valley of Shale. It was where the Druids would go to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

The Scions of Shannara

Cogline was summoned there by dreams sent to him by Allanon where he was shown three visions of what was to come if the Shannara children3Par Ohmsford, Wren Ohmsford and Walker Boh did not heed his warnings.4The Scions of Shannara – pp 3-6