Freemark Women

The Freemark Women had been in service to the land.


The Freemark Women was the name Nest Freemark gave to the six generations of women in her family that had been in service to the land. They worked with Pick to keep the magic in balance. All of them had been born to the magic.1Running with the Demon – pp 30-31

Their photos hung in a group in the entry of the Freemark home.

Angel Fire East

Caitlin Freemark‘s image was missing from the group: she had been too fragile for the demands of the role and Nest had placed her picture in the living room which was always sunlit and cheerful. Nest had added Evelyn Freemark‘s picture after her death.2Angel Fire East – p 13

The Freemark Women

Gwendolyn Wills – the first of the women known to have magic3The World of Shannara – pp 267-268 Caroline Glynn – the daughter of Gwendolyn4The World of Shannara – p 268 Opal Anders – the grandniece of Caroline5The World of Shannara – p 268 Evelyn Freemark
Caitlin Freemark
Nest Freemark