The Jut



Appeared In:
The Scions of Shannara

Drutt was a member of the Free-Born.


A lean, hard older man. Close cropped dark beard. Face was seamed and brown. Watchful eyes.1The Scions of Shannara – p 245


Had been with Padishar Creel almost from the beginning.2The Scions of Shannara – p 300

The Scions of Shannara

Drutt was one of the men selected by Padishar to retrieve the Sword of Shannara.3The Scions of Shannara – p 245 On the first night of the journey, Drutt and Stasas took the first watch, one downstream and the other upstream.4The Scions of Shannara – p 248

When they arrived in Tyrsis and Padishar advised his plan, Drutt was to remain at the top of the ravine with Stasas so they could haul the ladders up when the others were down. They would dispatch any sentries that got in the way and lower the ladders again when needed.5The Scions of Shannara – p 261

Drutt was taken prisoner with the surviving members of the company6The Scions of Shannara – pp 265-267 and they were later rescued by Par Ohmsford and Damson Rhee.7The Scions of Shannara – p 285-289

On their second attempt at retrieving the sword, Drutt, along with the others, disguised himself as a member of a Federation patrol to enter the Gatehouse. When they entered the pit, they came under attack from the Shadowen. What was left of Ciba Blue appeared and blocked Drutt’s sword. He caught hold of Drutt’s arm and wrapped himself around him. Both of Drutt’s arms then his head were ripped from his body. As the group left him behind, Ciba Blue remained attached and feeding on him.8The Scions of Shannara – p 326