Derry Howe

Derry Howe



Mother: Mel Riorden‘s Sister
Uncle: Mel Riorden



Appeared In:
Running with the Demon

Derry Howe was part of the union crowd.


Tall and angular with close-cropped hair and an intense suspicious stare.1Running with the Demon – p 43

Twenty pounds lighter and two inches shorter than Junior Elway.


Derry Howe was one of the union crowd2Robert Freemark, Al Garcia, Mel Riorden, Derry Howe, Richie Stoudt, Penny Williamson, Mike Michaelson, Junior Elway and one or two others formed the Union Crowd. They would gather at Josie’s each day. that would gather at Josie’s each day. Erratic and error prone. Down side of forty.

Derry had been a demolitions man when he did two tours in Vietnam. Since then he had lost a wife, been arrested a number of times for drink driving and spotted up his mill record. He was erratic and error-prone.3Running with the Demon – pp 43-44

Derry’s only friend was Junior Elway; the union group only tolerated him because he was the son of Mel Riorden’s sister.4Running with the Demon – p 44

Rented small one bedroom unit in a dilapidated apartment complex. Divorced.