Crace Coram

Crace Coram





Appeared In:
Wards of Faerie
Bloodfire Quest
Witch Wraith

Crace Coram was a legendary former chieftain of the tribe called Quare Rek.1Wards of Faerie – p 197


Crace was the son and grandson of chieftains of the Quare Rek. He was twenty years old when his father was killed by Gnomes from the Zek’ke tribe. He was immediately named leader of his people. Days later when the Zek’ke attacked again, Crace was able to rally his people mid-flight and single-handedly killed the Gnome leader who killed his father, and the three protecting him. With fewer than thirty men he was able to force the Gnomes from the village. He pursued them until they threw down their weapons and begged for their lives. He eventually granted their wish, on the proviso that they never attacked the Quare Rek again.2Wards of Faerie – pp 197-198

By the time of Wards of Faerie, Crace’s son was now chieftain.3Wards of Faerie – p 198

Wards of Faerie

Crace agreed to accompany Khyber Elessedil after Seersha explained what they were doing, out of an enormous respect for both her and the Druids.4Wards of Faerie – p 198

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