Pet Dog

Seattle, Old World


Appeared In:
Armageddon’s Children
The Gypsy Morph

Cheney was a wolfish, hulking guard dog belonging to Hawk.


Grey eyes. Saw everything. Big and scary. Bristling hair and strange patchwork markings. Huge teeth.


Cheney was a protector of both him and any of the Ghosts. Nothing would get close to the Ghosts’ hideout without Cheney knowing – he could hear and smell anything when it was still five minutes away. Even the Freaks would steer clear. Having Cheney there also meant that they did not have to keep watch at night, as Cheney would always warn them if something was coming.

Only Panther seemed not to like him – something to do with his past that he would not reveal to anyone. The other Ghosts liked him, but were still wary of him. Only Hawk was completely unafraid of him.1Armageddon’s Children – pp 30-31

Hawk took his name from one of Owl‘s history books – for a politician who had been described as a bulldog spoiling for a fight – Hawk liked that image.2Armageddon’s Children – p 31

The Gypsy Morph

Hawk sent him with Panther when he went to look for Catalya and he chose to remain with them once Panther had decided he would not return to the Ghosts.

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