Sister: Evie

Tacoma, Old World

Known As:


Appeared In:
The Elves of Cintra
The Gypsy Morph

Mentioned In:
Bearers of the Black Staff

Catalya was a Human who was mutating into a Lizard.


Originally had cinnamon coloured hair. Blue or green eyes.


Born in a Compound in Tacoma. Her sister Evie died when she was four. She was put out of the compound when she was twelve because she had begun to change into a Lizard. Her parents, brothers and sisters still lived there.

She was taken in by a family of Lizards and she stayed with them until she stopping changing into a Lizard and decided it would be best to be on her own.

Owned a pet cat called Rabbit. Eighteen years old.

The Gypsy Morph

When Logan Tom arrived in Tacoma she offered to help him find what he was after on the condition that he would take her with him when he left.

Stayed behind with Logan when the others left the bridge, not wanting to lose him again. She then decided to look for Chalk and the other children who had disappeared. After a couple of searches, she and Rabbit found the bodies of Chalk and the others and buried them as best she could before going back to Logan and telling him what she found.

Eventually decided to leave the Ghosts, as she was afraid they would reject her once it was discovered that she had begun mutating again. She eventually realised that she did not want to become trapped within The Valley, and wanted to stay outside. After Panther and Cheney went after her, she originally tried to convince them to leave her but reluctantly agreed they could stay with her once it became apparent they would not leave. She gradually realised that she really did want Panther to stay with her after all.