Caitlin Freemark

Caitlin Anne Freemark



Father: Robert Freemark
Mother: Evelyn Freemark
Daughter: Nest Freemark


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Running with the Demon
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The World of Shannara

Caitlin Anne Freemark was the mother of Nest Freemark.


Caitlin was a very fragile and mercurial young woman.1Running with the Demon – p 29

Small and gentle. Sandy hair and blue-grey eyes.


Studied at Oberlin.

Caitlin had been left disturbed by Nest’s birth and Nest’s father‘s disappearance.2Running with the Demon – pp 29-30

The demon reappeared when Nest was three months old, and revealed his identity to both Caitlin and Evelyn Freemark at the same time.

Shortly after this she fell to her death from the cliffs in Sinnissippi Park when walking in the park at night. Her death was thought to be suicide, but with no witnesses this could not be confirmed.3Running with the Demon – pp 29-30 This occurred almost fourteen years before the events of Running with the Demon.

She was buried at Riverside Cemetery. Her headstone was grey with black lettering and had the words “Beloved Daughter & Mother” below her name.4Running with the Demon – p 195

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