Blue Pond

Blue Pond




Appeared In:
The Sword of Shannara

Blue Pond was located in Storlock.


The pond lay in the south end of the village.1The Sword of Shannara – p 231


A small, peaceful blue pond. A huge weeping willow grew at its edge.2The Sword of Shannara – p 231


The Stors made many of their salves and balms from the waters of the pond which were said to have special healing elements found nowhere else. The water tasted different to normal water but was not displeasing to drink.3The Sword of Shannara – p 231

The Sword of Shannara

Menion Leah, Flick Ohmsford, Shea Ohmsford, Durin Elessedil and Dayel Elessedil went to see the pond after Menion had been told about it earlier in the day. They sat beneath the weeping willow and looked at its placid surface. Menion explained what the Stors used the water for and they all tasted the water. Sitting by the pond gave them a sense of peace allowing them to forget about the hazards of their journey and instead think of their homes and the people they had left behind. Balinor Buckhannah joined them later and they all stayed there until Allanon advised them all to get some rest.4The Sword of Shannara – pp 231-237